Here are now some other views for you to peruse


Here are now some other views for you to peruse

The mountains of Ararat - that Ararat was a mountain of Armenia is almost universally agreed. What is commonly thought to be the Ararat of the Scriptures has been visited by many travelers, and on it there are several monasteries. For a long time the world has been amused with reports that the remains of the ark were still visible there; but Mr Tournefort, a famous French naturalist, who was on the spot, assures us that nothing of the kind is there to be seen. As there is a great chain of mountains which are called by this name, it is impossible to determine on what part of them the ark rested; but the highest part, called by some the finger mountain, has been fixed on as the most likely place. These things we must leave and they are certainly of very little consequence.

The ark rested. - It is stranded on some hill in Ararat. This country forms part of Armenia. As the drying wind most probably came from the east or north, it is likely that the ark was drifted toward Asia Minor, and caught land on some hill in the reaches of the Euphrates. It cannot be supposed that it rested on either of the peaks now called Ararat, as Ararat was a country, not a mountain, and these peaks do not seem suitable for the purpose. The seventh month began usually with the new moon nearest the vernal equinox, or the 21st of March. "The tenth month" The waters ceased to prevail on the first of the ninth month. The ark, though grounded six weeks before, was still deep in the waters. The tops of the hills began to appear a month after. The subsiding of the waters seems to have been very slow.

Both Josephus in about 70 A.D. and Marco Polo about 1300 A.D. mention its existence on the mountain, but their reports are based on others' accounts. Josephus remarks that its remains are on display for all to see without need of an organized exploration. 
Sadly for a long time there has been a great battle and debate with certain Christian groups,  some who are creation ministries, against the claim's made by Ron Wyatt mostly supported by Seventh Day Adventists & Ron Wyatt Followers including many pastors and Christians in the UK who I know who believe and support some of Ron Wyatt's discoveries.
This battle reminds me of the scientists who believe in Global warming. Yet certain Christians refuse these claims saying the world has always been the same and there is no Global warming. I believe Man may be blind to the knowledge of our Great God, but I don't believe that man is blind to the bad things we have sown on the earth which have contributed to our climate change. Such as the effect of greenhouse gases (GHGs) like fridges and aerosol cans which were created and emitted by humans. Here are just some facts of Global warming.

 National Geographic Society.
Average temperatures have climbed 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degree Celsius) around the world since 1880, much of this in recent decades, according to NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies.
The rate of warming is increasing. The 20th century's last two decades were the hottest in 400 years and possibly the warmest for several millennia, according to a number of climate studies. And the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that 11 of the past 12 years are among the dozen warmest since 1850.

Causes of Global Warming by National Geographic Society.
The IPCC meets every few years to review the latest scientific findings and write a report summarizing all that is known about global warming. Each report represents a consensus, or agreement, among hundreds of leading scientists.
One of the first things scientists learned is that there are several greenhouse gases responsible for warming, and humans emit them in a variety of ways. Most come from the combustion of fossil fuels in cars, factories and electricity production. The gas responsible for the most warming is carbon dioxide, also called CO2. Other contributors include methane released from landfills and agriculture (especially from the digestive systems of grazing animals), nitrous oxide from fertilizers, gases used for refrigeration and industrial processes, and the loss of forests that would otherwise store CO2.
We have hundreds of leading scientists that believe in Global warming, yet many still argue against the evidence. I believe that time will tell on these things and it is God that we look to for our future.

Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it. Luke 17:33. King James 2000 Bible (©2003) Lets not look back but forward and focus above in the new things to come that have been promised by God.
No matter what man does to save this planet, God has made it clear he will be destroying all old things including the heavens and the earth. So Christians who dispute and argue over these things I believe are pointless.

Whether or not there is Global warming does it matter any longer? In the first mode by the will of God, he destroyed the world with water, and soon it will be a single word, a breath of command from the Creator who will renew the world by fire.

Whether or not Noah's Ark rested on  Mt Ararat, or a site on the mountain, of Durupinar does it matter? As Christians we all like to have great tools when we are witnessing to our ‘neighbour’ 
However, aren't we doing more damage than good to our ‘neighbour’ by shouting at other faiths and not showing love and respect for each others beliefs. My friend once said to me ‘It is no wonder the unbelievers are laughing at the church’.
Many Christians believe the tomb of Jesus to be at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre while other Christians believe the tomb of Jesus to be at the Garden Tomb.
Should Christians condemn each other for what they believe? Does it matter what tomb Jesus was laid in? Does this affect our salvation? NO. There are many good Christians who have never been to the Holy land and some who know nothing about any Tombs of Jesus. Yet there are many born again believers who are saved by their faith, and not by seeing, I admire these type of Christians.

As I have been researching I have come across the fact that Ron Wyatt was a Seventh Day Adventist and it is that fact alone that seems to be a stumbling block where other Christians are concerned. I find it incredible that some people judge him purely on his beliefs rather than on his work.
I have spoken to many Seventh Day Adventists by email who have worked with Ron including his ex wife Mary Nell, in which they have all said to me, that both themselves and Ron himself are and was telling the absolute truth.

I have found them very sincere and helpful and they even sent my friend, Bob Mitchell a Bible teacher, many photos of the Red Sea crossing site which they claim Ron discovered, to use for FREE so he could make a documentary.

When I asked them about this situation and why so many Christians say Ron was not telling the truth, even condemning him on Christian TV, they go silent as if to say let God be the judge. I admire them for their humility and humble attitude.

I believe no-one should point their finger, shout, threaten and condemn any one for what they believe, 12 There is one Lawgiver who is able to save and to destroy. Who are you to judge another? James 4:10 (NKJ)


I personally believe that it grieves the heart of God when we condemn and judge one another especially where we are talking about non-biblical issue.
For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; it is he who will save us. Isaiah 33:22.
Don't grumble against each other, brothers, or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door! James 5:9
Jesus made it clear that we are to love one another. Mathew 22:39 says to ‘Love your neigbour as yourself’. While Proverbs 11:9 says ‘A hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour’. 
This is precisely what we as Christians do when we condemn people who are dead for what they believe as in Ron’s case over Noah's Ark, a non biblical subject. Just as the verse above states WE destroyeth his neighbour’.  
I believe that we should keep an open mind rather then find out that we condemned some one when we could be wrong. Let us be humble and respect what others believe. Is it right to criticize anyone who has a desire to prove Gods word is true? God knows our hearts, Let God be the judge.

Maybe we should listen to Clark's Commentary which states These things we must leave, and they are certainly of very little consequence.


For example I have always believed it was Ron who discovered the split rock as told in Exodus 17:6. However after some research it seems it was discovered by Penny and Jim, born again Christians I understand discovered it first in April of 1992, when they found the split rock in Horeb for the first time. Jim and Penny’s work found them living in the desert for 12 years and they have unearthed an amazing trail of biblical evidence buried beneath the sands. They have amassed a tremendous volume of photographic and video evidence relating to Moses and to the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt. They are involved in both preservation, cataloguing and educational distribution of their discoveries. It is also evident that Penny and Jim have some disagreements with Ron's claims and his discoveries regarding The Red Sea Crossing Site.

However some of Penny and Jim's beliefs regarding the Red Sea crossing site seem to be the same which is also confirmed by Lennart Moller, a top P.H.D Scientist and the author of a book entitled The Exodus Case. This excellent book is available for FREE.

There is also a good film coming out which seems to confirm some of Ron's work to be true, called THE EXODUS CONSPIRACY,

Research and discoveries by Penny and Jim have proven to be reliable and credit worthy. They travel far and wide revealing the evidence and reliability of the Red Sea of Moses, Crossing Site and Mount Sinai being in Saudi Arabia. 

Their comments regarding Ron Wyatt’s work are as follow:
When speaking of Ron’s claims, there are many we have no knowledge of.  For instance, since we are not involved in the Noah’s Ark project at all, we do not know whether he is correct or not.  We stick to the finds we know of, in Saudi Arabia, and because of our 8 years experience there, have come to some differing conclusions than Ron, who only had limited time there in a very small area.  We do believe Ron was correct about the golden calf altar; the fact that this mountain in Arabia is Mt. Sinai, that the cave is Elijah’s Cave, that the Israelites encamped out in the valley in front of this mountain.  Ron also agreed with us that the split rock we found and shared with him was indeed, the rock Moses struck at Horeb.  So, on those points we definitely agree.  We also believe that Nuweiba was the point that the Israelites began their sea crossing (of the Gulf of Aqaba), and that the pillars on either side of this point were likely erected later as a memorial to mark the crossing site.  So we are in agreement with many things, as you can see. 
 Penny Caldwell – Split Rock Research Foundation. 
I also received a email from a Christian, a Professional engineer, B.A.Sc. graduated from the University of Toronto

He wrote to me saying:

Hi Simon, 
I am enthralled by Penny Caldwell and the Mt. Sinai team of researchers (Dr. Lennart Moller, Bob Cornuke, etc.)
No question at all about the Mt. Sinai findings. 

I would also recommend a wonderful book called Noah's Ark Uncovered written by Henri Nissen who trained in the Danish school of journalism and has written thousands of articles as well as 7 books. I found this book to be excellent to read. He goes into this subject in great depths and explains the many ark hunters views, who are for and who are against.  

Henri Nissen has traveled to the site of Durupinar to research the boat shaped object. His book took him thousands of hours to write and gives detailed information of what he saw at the Durupinar Site and the surrounding area. He also writes of Ron Wyatt. 
He talks about the site of Noah's ark on Mount Ararat and George Hagopian that as a child had seen the Ark on Mt. Ararat. Please note that in Hagopian's memory the Ark is nearly square with only slightly rounded edges and includes a box with a row of windows set on top. The dimensions were bigger then those in the Bible as well. Noah's Ark Uncovered, Page 165.

Here are some interesting notes made by Henri in his book, Australian Archeological author Gray has undergone a huge task in collecting information about Ron's discoveries. Henri states that Wyatt did not always publish his evidence and critics have accused him of lying or having very little information. Gray who was originally skeptical of Wyatt's extraordinary find concluded after his research that all of Wyatt's claims were true.

Henri also mentions about Ron Wyatt credibility. ‘We have to give it to Baumgardner, Lee, and other critics that Ron Wyatt can at times appear less than credible. He jumps to conclusions to quickly and does not always base them on facts but rather on a certain kind of intuition or was it conceit?

Henri Nissen continues to say:
Some of his evidence can be easily dismissed either because he was unable to present it or because he had it examined in such a way that doubt could be sown in with the results, he continues to say in his June the 1st 2000 news letter. Bill Fry writes about an old wall in the village Kazan which Ron claimed to have blue-green tiles finished with a painting of the Ark and animals on it. When Bill saw the wall in June of 2000 there were no paintings. Later, in May 2001, he returned and the wall was completely destroyed by the villagers! Bill contacted the authorities and questioned the village heads. They claimed that they took the wall down to be free from visitors. If that is how the locals think then maybe we have an explanation as to why so many things have disappeared or have been destroyed. Later Bill asked one of the village leaders wife's what had happened. She said that at one point precious stones were found in the wall probably Christian Byzantine. He asked if there was any thing else special about the wall. Yes, a few years ago there were some tiles on it, almost blue-green. It’s this type of experience that convinces me that Ron was telling the truth, remarks Bill Fry. Noah's ark uncovered, Page 307.
 If this is the case, of the books and films that support and confirm with some of Ron's work to be good and hard evidence of some truth, as it seems to be, then it is clear, then people are wrong in condemning ALL of Ron's work.
This is what I find very sad. There are many people in the world wanting evidence before they make a step of faith. I was one of them. Yet what we find is many have condemned ALL of Ron's work even though it seems clear to me some of his work has been proven by others to be true and to have merit.

I have also received an email from ---ABR, of The Associates for Biblical Research.

He wrote to me saying:

Our conviction at ABR is that any "Bible discoveries" that cannot be shown to be true by other investigators who WANT them to be true - like us - are not at all helpful in reaching atheists and sincere seekers. If those who WANT discoveries to support the Bible check them closely, yet find clear evidence they are not genuine, you can be sure that atheists will use those "evidences" not to get faith in Christ, but to attack it. They will also use it to be even more sure in their own minds that Christianity is a fake.

I expect you will not want to hear this, but the truth is that most, if not all, of the Wyatt claims have been found to be false. The problem is not that we don't understand the claims of Mr. Wyatt, and are just bad-mouthing them. We do understand them; we have researched them; and we have found very good reasons to believe they are not true. If the things Mr. Wyatt reported were real archaeology, other Christians could independently go to those places he talked about, see the same things, and draw the same conclusions. But this has not happened. The evidence is not there for others to find. Sincerely in Christ,

It is my belief that according to what I have researched that clearly some of Wyatts work has been proven but not all of it.
He also wrote in his email to me:
It is not a single person who has reported problems with confirming Wyatt's discoveries; there are a number of people who have tried to prove the things he wrote about, and were unable to. See, for example, these two links:
So I decided to research one of the links.

When I researched one of the people from the links the Associates for Biblical Research sent me I found that they were Christian Universalists.

Christian Universalism is a school of Christian theology which includes the belief in the doctrine of universal reconciliation, the view that all human beings or all fallen creatures will ultimately be restored to right relationship with God.
This is not one of my personal beliefs but as I have said I do not condemn people for their beliefs.


I myself researched one of Ron's discoveries on the claims he made saying he discovered Sodom and Gomorrah by the Dead Sea in Israel. I took a crew down to the most barren territories on this planet and there was no doubt whatsoever in our minds of what we were seeing.

 Tons of ash, buildings, shapes and shadows 

double Canaanite walls
and many types of sphinx and ziggurats.
The courses of old streams, walls,
dams and weirs with mortar joints,
structures lining the banks of streams and strange looking buildings with pointed roofs. 
The white ashen remains stand out clearly against the backdrop of brown mountains and hills. There is a large fortress-like construction. There is an intact well constructed of the same materials as the fortress walls and embedded in the rock is hundreds of brimstone sculpture (death balls) just as told to us in Genesis 19 v 24. Then the lord rained down burning sculpture on Sodom and Gomorrah.


The brimstone balls we found contained powdered sculpture which is found nowhere else on the planet; sulphur is normally found in crystalline form.
I also took the mysterious balls of super to be tested in a UK laboratory, a company called the Intertek Sunbury Technology Centre who were willing to analyse my brimstone samples. I had read of a test showing 98% sulphur but I wished to see for myself. The tests were carried out by a technician named Andy Geatches, an x-ray fluorescence analyst (Click here to read this book ) or watch the film  Or order the FREE book and DVD here

We eventually had a meeting with a gentleman named John Price who was team leader of the Senior Technical Consultants. John said that he’d never seen sulphur in this particular form. Normally natural sulphur is found on the sides of volcanoes, where it appears in a crystalline form, yellowish in colour. It would normally have been accompanied by acid rain, which would tend to dissolve it a bit, and would not be found more than 50 miles from the volcanic action. The fact that ours was a pressed powder of such purity was most unusual as was the area in which it was found. I also showed him a piece of shell which had fallen off one of the sulphur balls.
Once again John said that he’d seen nothing like it before. He explained that most sulphur today is refined in chemical plants and never in that form.
Dr Lennart Moller also observes that the sulphur in the balls is quite unlike that which is naturally occurring due to springs and volcanic action. This is usually in bright yellow crystals from forming crusts. Another form is found together with iron sulphide, otherwise known as pyrite. Those powder balls from the Dead Sea area are unique and found no where else! states Dr. Moller, 

The burning sulphur ball has melted its way down through the rock. Due to the heat the canal has sealed and with no oxygen there is no further combustion (fire). The  mineral close to the sulphur ball is relatively resistant to erosion, and thereby forms a shell.
This Photo is from Dr Lennart Moller's 
book The Exodus Case. Page 40.
Jonathan Grey, also writes on the subject of brimstone. He describes a burn ring around the outside of the ball,
caused by the ball being smothered by the ash. He further considers that the vitrifying of the surrounding ash was due to radiation. On his speaking tours, Mr Grey was often asked why the destruction of the cities could not have been caused by a volcanic eruption. He pointed out that there were no similarities at all. When Pompeii was uncovered the buildings, pictures and mosaics were still to be seen in full colour. Even the population remained, though vitrified and turned to stone. Many cities have been uncovered, but none like Sodom and Gomorrah where all was nothing but ash. Jonathan also claimed that they found a skeleton still containing bone marrow and, with the help of a detector, what they believed was a pot of gold. On being tested in an American laboratory, the samples were pronounced “gold salts”, the by-product of vaporized gold. 
Read the full article.-->


I made an appointment to see the curator for Syria and Palestine at the British Museum, a charming man named Jonathan Tubb. He began his career in Syria and Iraq in the 1970s and was Assistant Director at the site of Qadesh on the Orontes. In 1984 he excavated the early Bronze Age site of Tiwal esh-Sharrqi, followed by full excavations at Tell es-Sa’idiyeh, Jordan. The author of many articles and books on Palestinian archaeology, including Canaanites (BMP 1998) he lectures internationally and is at present Chairman of the Palestine Exploration Fund.
We took with us a number of items we had recovered from the sites for him to look at. We showed him some pictures taken at Sodom. Jonathan Tubb commented ‘It does look like strange buildings’.
He however believed the strange shadows of buildings to be natural formation.
Just as Jesus stated, even though he believed the photos to look like strange buildings he was blind to what they truly were. 
“Though seeing, they do not see;
though hearing, they do not hear or understand Matthew 13:13.
I can put my hand on my heart and say wholeheartedly that what Ron stated about this being Sodom & Gomorrah, I found to be true. It seems I am not the only one who believes that the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah, still remain and can still be seen.

The famous Works of Flavius Josephus - How God overthrew the Sodomites.
JOSEPHUS writes 
the remains of the divine fire, and the traces (or shadows) of five cities are still to be seen.  
So he confirms that these cities are still there, now to be seen and that they are all burnt up. Moral judgment aside, Josephus Flavius’ accounts have been proved largely accurate.

Yet I find the same believers who say these discoveries are all lies made up to make money from gullible Christians also very often refer to JOSEPHUS as making true, reliable statements confirming the Bibles accounts of history. But they seem to go silent at this statement by Josephus.

I received an email from a person on the 30/12/2010 who had just watched my film, Sodom and Gomorrah on youtube. He wrote saying ‘Not this again, it has been proven false, but still surfaces from time to time. How about a little honesty and integrity on the Creationist part? Is that really too much to ask?
He wrote back again saying
He wrote ‘I condemn anything claimed to be without evidence, this is no different there is no evidence that the Bible story regarding Sodom and Gomorrah is true.
His third email said.
Your statement of "DON'T CONDEMN IT BELIEVE IT" makes no sense if you're interested in objective truth, only if your only goal is to believe something just because you want it to be true.’ 
Evidence will always convince me, it's how I determine what's real and not. Click here to see his comment posted on my Sodom and Gomorrah on youtube video,
Here is clear evidence of a lost soul, looking for evidence of the Bible, to help him take that step of faith to save his soul. But very sadly did not find the evidence which stopped him finding faith in God. He heard the condemnations of these discoveries first. I thank God it was the other way round for me otherwise I may not be here now writing this article but lost in a world of unbelief and skepticism.


Simon on a sphinx
Paul with a strange shape
Strange shapes in Gomorrah
St Lot's cave
Buildings in Gomorrah
Simon and Peter at Admah

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