Former Non-Christian: My Time in Hell

The bullet pierced the back of his head and Matthew Botsford didn't have a chance of surviving the single shot. He was dead. While his earthly body gave up, his spirit was already trapped in hell and there was no way out.

Former Non-Christian: My Time in Hell

  1. This article below is from Christian Post.Com News 
  2. The bullet pierced the back of his head and Matthew Botsford didn't have a chance of surviving the single shot. He was dead. While his earthly body gave up, his spirit was already trapped in hell and there was no way out.
    (Photo: Matthew Botsford)
    Matthew Botsford is seen here with his wife. Botsford says he went to hell while in a coma for 27 days. He recounts his experience in the new book, A Day in Hell: Death to Life to Hope.Related
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    Testimonial Video to Hell & BackBotsford spoke to The Christian Post about his experience when he says he was taken to hell. While he was being tormented, a hand came down to his rescue and simply said "it's not your time." He was in a coma for 27 days and lived to testify that hell does exist and that it is definitely not a place anyone wants to go to, especially when it wasn't intended for humanity.
  3. The following are excerpts from the interview.
  4. CP: Can you tell us about your life before the accident? Did you believe in God?
  5. Botsford: No, I did not believe in God. I knew God existed but I didn't have a relationship with His son. During college I turned my back; I was my own boss kind of thing.
  6. CP: Did cops ever catch the person who killed your business partner and injured you?
  7. Order Online: A Day in Hell
  8. Botsford: Yes, they were caught on the scene. There were three of them, and they had dropped their driver's license on the scene so the police eventually tracked them down. They went to prison for a couple of life sentences.
  9. CP: Did you ever meet them?
  10. Botsford: I did meet them because when I was still in the wheelchair there was a murder trial so we were in court.
  11. CP: So tell us about hell, what is the first thing you want people to know?
  12. Botsford: I want them know it's real. I have seen a lot of literature coming out and hitting the "bestsellers" lists and removing the fact that hell is a real place. I want people to know that hell is a serious thing. Hell was never intended for us; God doesn't want any one of us to go there. He wants all of us to come to Him through repentance. It's a simple thing. We believe that Jesus is the son of God and we should have a relationship with Him. It's important to spend time with Him and get to know His word. It's all based on relationship.
  13. I want people to know that hell is real and it's a place that definitely has to be avoided; it's a place of eternal torments.
  14. CP: What happened in hell?
  15. Botsford: After I got shot, the last thing I remember feeling was as if you heated up a hypodermic needle and started getting it on the top of your head. Well, when the bullet came on the back of my head, which it's still in the right lobe to this day, I felt a very painful feeling. My whole body just collapsed, they documented me dying three times. I was in a coma for 27 days.
  16. What I experienced in hell, I immediately was in my full bodily form. I looked like myself but I didn't have any clothes on and I was hung like crucifixion style in a very deep abyss. All I could see beneath me was very red, it was very hot. I was chained on both my wrists and I had shackles on my ankles. I knew I was in some sort of cavern. It was pitch black. I knew I was going to be there forever. I knew there was nothing I can do to get myself out of it. I didn't know the name of Jesus so I never prayed, you know "Jesus, please save me."
  17. I didn't have that opportunity. I didn't know the name of Jesus. I saw these pairs of eyes start to come at me from various directions and the Lord told me recently that these demonic entities, each eye was its own demon but they travelled in pairs because Satan mocks what Jesus did for us. For example, Jesus sent disciples two by two to evangelize and here Satan sends demonic things, two by two and they would know everything about me. They knew things that I did in my past, they would mock me, and they would torment me. They knew things like messing around with pornography, they knew all of that and they would judge me. That was interesting about it because these demonic things had been cast into hell and here I'm being judged by them. Some of them would come around my backside and they had had very long fingernails, if you could call them that and I would feel them stretch out off of its very flesh. They were doing everything to me.
  18. We are created in the image of God; so here I am in hell, in their realm and as I'm hanging there I see this lava flow. I was reading the other day Revelations where it talks about fire and brimstone and brimstone is actually sulfur and for sulfur to create a lake flow it has to be on a high boiling temperature just like lava. So it would flow into this cavern-like area when it approached me, before I came down to this great big abyss some of it would splash off because of the sheer of flow, the lava would actually be contacting my legs and I could smell and feel my own flesh burn off and what was more tormenting than that is that it would re-form. I'm not in time anymore; I'm in an eternal realm. Time doesn't have anything to do with it there.  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE
  20. Dear friends if you don't know the Lord Jesus yet, time is running out in this evil world FAST.
  21. God is always listening, and he will be there for you when you choose to speak to him. All I ask is that you don’t wait UNTIL IT IS TO LATE. CLICK HERE  and watch this VIDEO and Surrender Your Heart To God. Because He Loves YOU AND WILL SAVE YOUR SOUL.



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